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Compusult can provide the full range of I.T. and point-of-sale services for your restaurant:

We have many years of experience providing services for high-volume restaurants in the major tourist destination of Bar Harbor, Maine, so we're familiar with the unique challenges of running a restaurant and all the ways that technology can help.


We recommend the Toast point-of-sale system for your restaurant.  We have evaluated many other options and chosen Toast for its ease of use, reliability, and responsive customer support.  Our team is very experienced with Toast and can assist you with troubleshooting issues, training staff on using the system, setting up menus and processing payments.  Tried to set up Toast on your own and got in over your head?  No problem, we can help you straighten it out.  And even though we specialize in Toast, we have experience with other platforms as well and can assist you no matter what system you have.


Customers have come to expect free wi-fi to connect with their mobile devices when they sit down to eat at a restaurant.  However, allowing guests access to your wi-fi network can present a major security risk to your computers and data.  Guest wi-fi networks should be set up by a trained IT professional who can use a firewall to ensure that your data, including sensitive devices, documents, and even credit card information, is not at risk.  Also, an incorrectly configured guest network can let your customers hog all the bandwidth and cause your devices to have a slow connection.


PCI compliance means credit card security--and depending on the system you are using, you may be liable for it!  There are strict industry standards regarding network configuration and the handling of data in order to be allowed to process credit cards.  If you are not in compliance and you are the victim of a hacking attack, you may be fined thousands of dollars as well as being vulnerable to lawsuits.

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