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Dave Charron has over 23 years of experience as an IT consultant for small business.  Here are some ways you can benefit from his experience:

  • Help choosing specialized software for your business's unique needs

  • Optimizing your workflow and helping incorporate technology to make you more efficient

  • Training your staff to use technology systems consistently

No two businesses have the same needs or face the same challenges.  There is an overwhelming amount of different technology out there, and business owners today are bombarded by sales pitches from competing companies all clamoring to sell you their services.

That's where a consultant comes in.  Dave Charron has over 23 years of experience assisting small business owners like you in navigating the chaos and finding the best ways to implement technology.  Our team can roll out standard solutions that are a good fit for most businesses, but when you have a unique or complex problem, there's no substitute for sitting down with an experienced consultant to devise a tailor-made solution to fit your exact needs.

At Compusult we focus on looking at the big picture.  We're more than just the I.T. guys that show up, fix whatever's broken and then take off.  Instead of just patching up a poor or outdated system, we reinvent the systems you use in ways that propel your business to greater efficiency and success.

Here are just a few examples how we have helped businesses meet unique challenges:

  • Advanced inventory management and workflow optimization for sales and distribution businesses in the wine industry

  • Assisting law offices in organizing decades' worth of old case files

  • Assisting restaurants with implementing a better menu system, setting up online ordering, and time tracking for employees

  • Transitioning away from old bookkeeping software and importing data into Quickbooks

  • Helping with collaboration with other businesses using different filesharing platforms

  • Choosing industry-specific software to meet your needs, implementing and providing training

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