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Compusult can use advanced types of photography to assist in documenting and marketing your project.  Click the following options to learn more:

Drone Photography

Photography has evolved beyond simply capturing still images with a camera.  We are experts in using the latest technology including drones, 3D imaging with infrared measurement, and timelapse software to record your project or business in new and innovative ways.  Here are some examples of what we can do:

  • Create a virtual walkthrough of a rental property or real estate listing for marketing

  • Take a detailed snapshot of a building or an entire construction site for insurance purposes

  • Use a combination of virtual tours, drone footage and a timelapse for a complete and fascinating documentation of an entire construction project

  • Automatically generate point cloud files and other measurements of buildings, structures or entire jobsites

The possibilities are endless--and with our years of experience we can help you implement this technology in ways you may not have thought of.

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