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It is important not to cut corners with your business's security camera system.

  • You need to protect your business from vandalism and theft by employees and customers as well as injury and vehicle-related incidents

  • Residential and wireless security cameras are often unreliable, poor quality and can be inadmissible as evidence in court

  • Our camera systems are business-class, high-definition and hard wired for maximum reliability

  • Investing in a good camera system can protect your business from lawsuits

Unfortunately, every business needs to be protected by security cameras.  You might not think it will happen to you, but eventually almost all businesses have some incident occur where they need to provide camera footage to insurance and/or law enforcement.  It's useful in more ways than you might think.  The need to deter and arrest shoplifters and vandals is obvious, but here are some other scenarios where security cameras come in handy:

  • A customer gets injured slipping and falling on your porch steps, and tries to sue claiming you were negligent in shoveling snow
  • A hit-and-run accident takes place in your parking lot or driveway
  • Employees are having their friends clock them in on time when they are actually late for work

  • An intoxicated patron causes an incident at your bar

In all of these situations, as well as many others, investing in a good security camera system can save you an enormous amount of money in lost or damaged property and legal fees.


Many business owners choose off-the-shelf security camera systems sold online or at big box retailers, designed for residential use.  These systems are deceptively easy to install and use, but you may find they are not sufficient when you actually need the footage.  Wireless cameras can lose their connection, footage can be grainy and miss out on important details like license plate numbers, especially at night, and most importantly, these systems can be challenged as unreliable in a court of law.

We use state-of-the-art, business grade systems from Security Camera Warehouse.  They are hard-wired systems, with excellent resolution and infrared lights for nighttime footage, and they have industry standard tamper-proofing which makes sure your footage will be admissible as evidence in court.  Also, we have many years of experience installing camera systems, so we can help you plan out camera placement for optimum coverage.

Our camera systems can be viewed remotely through a computer or phone anywhere you have access to the Internet.

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