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Want your business, exhibit, real estate listing or rental property to be showcased like this?
A virtual tour provides you with much more than just a 3D walkthrough of the building. 

Our 3D camera has advanced LIDAR technology--the same technology self-driving cars use to detect cars and obstacles on the road.  In addition to recording the 3D walkthrough, the camera is taking millions of measurements of everything around it.  Those measurements can be used to generate design files to help you in a number of ways:


Automatically generated floor plans can be used as guidance for emergency evacuation, as well as documentation of utilities and planning for new infrastructure.  We use our own Matterport-generated floor plans to plan out wi-fi access point placement!


CAD and point cloud files can be generated including measurements accurate to within 0.2%.  These can be imported into design software to help you quickly measure complex surfaces with curves, such as the hull of this boat.


Record virtual tours of construction projects in progress to document the location of wires, plumbing, and other components that will be covered up by walls, as well as for insurance purposes.


Virtual tours can also integrate with Google StreetView!


Tourists today primarily use their phones to choose what attractions and restaurants to visit in an unfamiliar town.  By putting your 3D virtual tour on Google StreetView, you make your restaurant or business more attractive to a tourist who's searching for somewhere to eat or shop.  

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