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We can create a timelapse video for a project that spans days, months or even years.

Timelapse video is a great way to generate interesting and engaging content.  A timelapse can be a fascinating conversation piece for owners of a home or a yacht to show the history of the structure and how it was built, and contracting companies can use the videos as marketing materials for their business.

We have installed timelapse cameras to document everything from the demolition of a highway overpass to baby birds growing in a nest.  These situations and many more are great use cases for a timelapse:

  • New building construction

  • Yacht construction at boat yards

  • Road construction

  • Building demolition

  • Nature footage (fall foliage, ocean tides, etc...)

  • Major events and celebrations

Also, we can set up the timelapse camera to automatically send the latest snapshots and videos to your website, and include weather conditions, sunrise/sunset times, and other useful data.

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