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Here are some examples of what we can do with our 3D modeling technology:

NOTE:  Most of these tours were recorded several years ago, withour older camera, the Matterport Pro 2.  We have since upgraded to the Matterport Pro 3, which is a much more powerful camera with higher resolution and more advanced measuring tools.  Unfortunately, we cannot showcase much of the work we have done with the newer camera since most of it has been for private homes and projects.  Your future project will have even more detailed imagery, more accurate measurement and a smoother walkthrough than most of the projects displayed here.


Retail and other businesses:

House Wine

Sawyer's Specialties

Harbor House Fitness Center

Stephen Stanley Electric

And of course, Compusult...  go back in time and see our office in 2018!


Bars, restaurants, theaters and exhibits

Side Street Cafe

Thirsty Whale

Reel Pizza

Criterion Theater

Seal Cove Auto Museum

Those are just a small sample of the 3D projects we have done.  Many projects we cannot share here due to the customer's privacy requirements.

Many of our virtual tour projects are of construction sites in progress for the purposes of documentation.  We record periodic snapshots of the construction site to document the location of elements like plumbing, electrical wires, network cables, HVAC ducts, and other things that will later get buried in the walls or ceiling.  That way, if anyone needs to access those features later for repairs or renovations, they can be found easily without having to fish around blindly in the walls.

Also, these snapshots provide a record for accountability and insurance purposes in case of issues or accidents.

Contact us if you are interested in 3D documentation for your construction project today.

We can also create a 3D walkaround of a specific object, like a boat or a car.  This can be used to showcase something fascinating for exhibit or marketing purposes, such as this antique car below, as well as to create a 3D model to be imported into CAD for planning and measuring purposes, like this yacht on the right.  In this case, the client was a boat repair business that needed accurate measurements of the yacht imported into CAD software to help plan repairs and alterations.  Measuring curved surfaces like the hull of a boat is difficult with traditional tools, but our 3D modeling technology made the job easy.  Measurements with our current camera should be accurate to within 0.2%.

Scroll down to explore the virtual walkaround of this Peugeot automobile from 1913.  We recorded this virtual tour for the Seal Cove Auto Museum.

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