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No home building or renovation project today is complete without a smart home system.  A modern smart home system can provide:

  • Music streaming from any audio source to any room in your house

  • Invisible speakers literally built into your wall that provide fantastic audio quality

  • Lights and window shades that can be controlled by your phone or smart keypads

  • Video streaming synchronized to multiple TVs and any room's speakers - watch and listen to the football game seamlessly no matter what room you are in

  • Projector lifts and screens that retract into the ceiling with the push of a button

    And most importantly...

  • Control everything from your phone.  No 10 different remotes for your different devices, no getting up to fiddle with lightswitches and stereo receivers, open one smart home app on your phone and everything just works.

Many technology companies have a smart home product for sale these days, but most of them don't peform as advertised.  Too often, homeowners end up with a confusing mess where they have many different apps, remotes, and keypads for their different smart home features, all from different tech brands, that don't communicate and interface with each other in any way, and the end result can be slower and more frustrating than doing everything the analog way.

But one smart home provider stands out above the rest.  We install Savant smart home systems.  Savant is different because it integrates with other technology providers instead of trying to replace them.  You can use devices and subscription services from Apple, Spotify, Philips, Ring, and many other technology brands integrated into one smooth, intuitive user interface provided by Savant.

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