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improve cell coverage - wilson antenna

Increase cell coverage

cell phone coverage on MDI  can be improved in your house or vehicle

living on an island with mountains makes for bad cell phone coverage in your home, office or vehicle. a cell phone signal is like light from a flashlight - it cannot go around corners, so there are shadows

a powerful wilson antenna is mounted outside your house, business, car or truck and it is communicating with the cell tower. an amplifier inside distributes the increased cell phone signal to a smaller antenna, which your phone communicates with

seal harbor and northeast harbor both have very poor cell phone signal strength because the nearest cell tower is 13 miles away on swan's island! your tiny cell phone does not have enough power to make it there

compusult has installed a wilson antenna and amplifier in an estate in seal harbor that had "no signal" showing on an iPhone. now there are 4-5 bars throughout the large home with the amplifier installed

and testing in the car has given cell coverage on sound drive and even through somesville!!!

cell tower locations near bar harbor

cell tower locations for MDI
bar harbor and swan's island