g suite
web based email, calendar and documents
that let you work from anywhere, with anyone and on any device

with g suite, all your work is automatically saved in the cloud. you’ll have access to your email, calendar, documents, and sites and be able to work securely, no matter where you are in the world and what device you're on
  • use your existing email address - me@mycompany.com will be hosted on gmail servers
    • now all your email can be on your phone, in the office and at home 
  • share calendars with co-workers
    • make calendars for anything - like one for each house rental, or a project
  • multiple people can collaborate on the same document stored and edited in the cloud - no more emailing revisions back and forth
google apps helps you and your team work faster and smarter by making it easy for everyone – employees, partners, vendors, anyone – to collaborate effortlessly across teams, companies and locations.

google apps lets you share and edit many types of files – docs, spreadsheets, presentations and more – in real time. forget all the time-wasting email back and forth over multiple file versions; storing docs in the cloud means everyone automatically has the latest version of any file. doesn’t that make sense?

Google Apps