having fun and keeping very busy...
here are some notable projects and events...

  • stonington lobster co-op - dec 2016
    our newest client needed their quickbooks to go much faster. several system tweaks and 2 new pc's! really love the view from this desk...

  • 395 bridge replacement video - may 2016
    we made a time lapse video for je butler llc - a demolition crew. mounted the weatherproof camera on the highway sign above the road and put the pc in a porta potty! see video

  • building a yacht needs collaboration - jan 2016
    john williams boat company has an order for a new yacht. we are setting up a cell phone amplifier in the fiberglass shop to allow the staff to use facetime to send live images to other staff and engineers offsite  

  • harbor house herrick rd wi-fi - dec 2015
    the staff of the children's center are constantly being creative to keep the little ones occupied and educated - lots of great creative ideas on the internet

  • maine tourism assoc wi-fi - dec 2015
    improve public wi-fi hotspot in the hampden visitor information center

  • consult for chamber of commerce - dec 2015
    review specialized software for chamber's of commerce. crm and billing members, allowing members to update their own data and interface it to a website - quite a bit to think about

  • maine tourism assoc wi-fi - oct 2015
    improve in-house wi-fi coverage at the main office in hallowell

  • turning heads salon pos - oct 2015
    we helped mindy evaluate online software to run her salon - clients can schedule appointments online and receive a text reminder. and of course, all the billing and staff scheduling and inventory management stuff too...

  • assist police - sep 2015
    the police used a clients hd security recording to gather evidence for a very bad person... all ended well

  • sips adds online ordering - sep 2015
    folks working in town only have window of time for lunch break. now they can pre-order (and pay) for their food, pop in and pick it up to go! 


  • harbor house gets wi-fi - sep 2015
    classes in the community room, kids in the underground and visitors to the southwest harbor chamber just got a super new wi-fi hotspot

  • island bound treats wi-fi - aug 2015
    making pies all day, every day during the season... you just gotta have music streaming all the time. so we blasted a wireless signal from the house out to the pie shop!

  • notinger law opens - aug 2015
    steve & debbie notinger have been clients of compusult since 2002. this aug, they opened their own firm and of course we were there to assist with the network and all their computing needs! we even introduced them to a new online case management system to track all their time and do billing!

  • testa's gets pos server upgrade - aug 2015
    aug in bar harbor - prime season. impossible to have the system down during the day, so we came in at midnight and swapped out the main pos server pc <yawn> that was a long night!

  • saltair inn gets wi-fi - aug 2015
    this gorgeous inn was built in 1887, but the owners have done extensive renovations - including some super soundproofing insulation... this stuff is super dense and tough for wi-fi, but with matt's amazing cabling skills, we got antennas where they need to be. now guests can blaze on the internet and write fantastic reviews of their stay!

  • super tech's last day - aug 2015
    david-g is moving to florida - we all are gonna miss him! what a fantastic job this young man has done!

  • prep for the families - jul 2015
    several mansions have their owners arriving soon for the summer - we upgraded the wi-fi antennas to the new higher performance units to improve coverage and speed 

  • jesup library digital signage - jul 2015
    a digital sign in the front lobby allows staff to post pics and videos for visitor information and marketing

  • shorepath cottage gets wi-fi - jul 2015
    even very old, historic cottages need public wi-fi hotspots for their guests

  • stewman's lobster gets wi-fi - jul 2015
    very large deck, the restaurant, some employee housing and 2 businesses out front all got a new public wi-fi hotspot this year. folks need to checkin to facebook when they arrive on-site!

  • employee housing needs wi-fi - jul 2015
    bar harbor resorts employs a lot of people. of course, they need internet when they aren't working. 5 separate buildings - ledgelawn inn, rainwise building, park entrance hotel, acadia apartments & the carriage house all got upgraded to fantastic, reliable wi-fi

  • days inn public wi-fi - jun 2015
    days inn has a spiffy new public wi-fi system. this building is 520' long!!! fantastic coverage in all rooms on both floors. nothing like happy guests in their hotel rooms!

  • thirsty whale gets cameras - jun 2015
    nice to record everything in a busy restaurant for everyone's peace of mind

  • dropbox for attorneys - jun 2015
    the attorneys at roy, beardsley, williams and granger realize data is critical. dropbox for business has unlimited backup of every version of every file. and you can access files from home office or mobile devices. you can send links to large files or folders to allow emailing of large files. 

  • our new office manager - jun 2015
    maggie has come to save the paperwork day!!! yippee!

  • add couple security cameras - may 2015
    parking lot and even one in the walk-in freezer in a restaurant!!!

  • security cameras for ymca - may 2015
    lots of kids - safety is on everyone's mind

  • online ordering for mother's kitchen - apr 2015
    when you make the best sandwiches around, everybody wants one. but real food takes time - so order your sandwich early and it's ready when you get there!


  • pos & online ordering for thrive juice bar - apr 2015
    bar harbor is busy - lots of visitors in season. it's nice to order & pay for your healthy food from your phone, then pop in and pick it up! how thoughtful of the folks at thrive juice bar. they also can process your order quickly with their shiny new shopkeep pos 

  • online ordering for little anthony's - apr 2015
    a sports bar & pizza joint in bar harbor that stays open very late and delivers... sounds like a perfect opportunity for an online ordering system! order and pay for your pizza right from your pc or phone!


  • pos & online ordering - apr 2015
    even a small counter service selling lobster can benefit from automating! c-ray lobster had amazing growth once they were listed in tripadvisor - so they needed ability to efficiently handle orders, and their own smartphone app is pretty cool too!


  • catering software - apr 2015
    nothing worse than expensive software that is just too complicated and cumbersome to use! we listened to what bar harbor catering needed to run their business and researched the software - found a powerful yet simple to use solution and they love it! 

  • public wi-fi for large b&b - apr 2015
    replaced an unsecured public wi-fi hotspot for a large b&b in hallowell. fantastic coverage in all rooms 

  • consult for flipbook - mar 2015
    client wanted to make their own online flipbooks - so we gave a private class 

  • timelapse fun - mar 2015
    made a fun marketing video for young's building contractors. setup a video camera on the building next door (thanks anchorspace!) and snapped pics of the demolition all day. added some pac-man music for fun...

    timelapse video of house demo!

  • online ordering - side street cafe - mar 2015
    as usual, side street cafe is introducing something new to bar harbor - online ordering from your computer or smartphone app! 


  • consult for maine tourism assoc - mar 2015
    evaluate existing procedures and assist with automating 

  • anchorspace - feb 2015
    new video surveillance system and public wi-fi hotpot for a cool business that rents office space! we use it as our 3rd office when we in bar harbor. feel safe when you have a working vacation in bar harbor 

  • flexit cafe - feb 2015
    new shopkeep pos install and a public wi-fi hotpot 

  • new webcam for bridge - feb 2015
    had to wear snowshoes to install this webcam aimed at probably the most photographed bridge on mdi


  • village emporium - feb 2015
    new shopify pos software handled the challenge of lots and lots of inventory which was sold in brick & mortar as well as online 

  • hale & hamlin law firm upgrade - jan 2015
    using dropbox and gmail for business now. took over general IT support for all pc's 

  • upgrade for jw boat - jan 2015
    what a way to start the year - replace older pc's and decommission the old server - using dropbox for business now

  • end of year rush - dec 2014
    lots of clients wanted new pc's for the end of the year. at one point, there were 8 new pc's and 4 laptops on the bench all getting initialized...

  • aldelo pos for sips - nov 2014
    sips cafe in southwest harbor has gone digital - the 2 terminal point of sale system will allow servers to enter orders which then print at the kitchen and the bar. the system will also keep track on inventory used - even the wine and spirits poured at the bar! 

    this system is the foundation to add online ordering - allowing customers to place and pay for their to-go orders early in the day and specify what time to pick it up! only have 30 minutes for lunch??? your to-go order will be waiting for you


  • work smarter 101 - nov 2014
    the bar harbor chamber has a professional development program called tech tuesdays #bhcctechtuesdays. compusult started the series with a seminar introducing many ways to use technology to work smarter

  • work smarter 101 - oct 2014
    we had our first session in our brand new training room in ellsworth!
    work smarter 101 is a brief intro to some simple solutions to help you work smarter

    training room at 53 oak st, ellsworth, me

    note that this pic was taken with the security camera that compusult installs! you could have this view of your business from your smartphone!!!

  • oktoberfest time lapse - oct 2014
    we are donating a promotional video to the southwest harbor chamber for their oktoberfest celebration! check out the 1:21 time lapse video


  • compusult turns 15 years old! - sep 2014
    started 8:00 on 9/2/1999


  • downeast scenic railroad security cameras - aug 2014

    the rail yard is in a remote location - an nvr records video if motion is sensed and all (5) cameras can be viewed by staff remotely on computer or smartphone

  • mdi vacation homes goes to gmail Jun 2014
    sick and tired of a gazillion SPAM emails, mdi vacation homes moved their domain to google apps and now use gmail with their excellent SPAM filters

  • liquor locker gets a website May 2014
    the liquor locker wants to let folks know how passionate they are about selling craft beers and specialty wines. what better way than a website on google apps - very easily updated themselves. check it out - liquorlockermdi.com 

  • disc image for backup May 2014
    a disc image actually backs up your entire hard drive - even windows and all the programs on it to another hard drive that can be stored offsite. if your mission critical drive fails (like a POS mothership) the image drive can be installed quickly, getting the system back up and running much faster

  • side street cafe adds 2 more POS stations May 2014
    after side streets big bar expansion, they need to add 2 more POS terminals to their aldelo system, bringing the total to 6 stations! 2 terminals at the bar and a dedicated terminal for the cocktail area will ensure fast service at this great bar

  • ironbound restaurant gets aldelo POS May 2014
    a new restaurant in hancock is opening and they have chosen to use a 2 station aldelo system. orders are entered and tickets are printed in the kitchen and the bar

  • upgrade wi-fi hotspot hutchins cottages Apr 2014
    hutchins cottages are nestled in the woods - lots of leaves to absorb the electro-magnetic energy of a wireless signal. laptops have large antennas, smartphones have tiny antennas and want to conserve batteries. moving the antennas over the road to a central building allows complete coverage of the property. that means happy tourists

  • video displays for chamber 2 Apr 2014
    the displays were so popular in cottage st office, installed 3 video displays in the bar harbor chamber of commerce office in trenton. this allows them to sell advertising space to their members

  • salesforce crm can assist tracking your clients Mar 2014
    a city councilman likes to be able to keep track of who he speaks to and what their concerns are. voter lists in excel files are uploaded to salesforce and checkboxes are added to allow easy tracking of important topics with voters

  • mdi historical society to dropbox for teams Mar 2014
    the historical society has a ton of files - photos and documents all scanned in - very precious data. it needs to be backed up offsite. dropbox for teams has unlimited data storage and a packrat feature - all copies of all files are kept in the cloud forever (unless you manually delete the deleted copy). this also allows the staff to work remotely and be able to send links to folders with very large files - allowing transfer of files too big for email attachments

  • microcell adds cell coverage - Mar 2014
    a microcell from at&t is plugged into the internet connection and *poof* you have a tiny cell tower in your office

  • the grand theater moves to gmail Mar 2014
    the grand theater needed a better solution for their email and shared calendars. google apps is perfect - nice smooth transition and all old contacts, emails and calendar events were easily migrated to the new google apps system

  • demo psa software for billing and project management Mar 2014
    professional service clients, like lawyers, consultants and contractors, need efficient ways to track their time and manage their projects. at compusult, we use a cloud based program that allows technicians to be dispatched by a service ticket - time details & products used are then entered via a smartphone or pc. billing is a snap because everything is detailed and recorded

  • pug snuggly upgrades pc Feb 2014
    small business can literally be really small - pug snuggly has 1 pc, but it needs to be upgraded...

  • law firm moving to new office Feb 2014
    a very long time client is moving to a new, smaller office since they are downsizing. the old, big & loud server can be decommissioned - replaced with google apps gmail and dropbox for teams

  • move harbor house website to google apps Jan 2014
    their old wordpress site was hacked. moved the site to google apps - which is more secure and much easier to keep updated

  • video displays for chamber Jan 2014
    installed 3 video displays in the bar harbor chamber of commerce office on cottage st. this allows them to sell advertising space to their members

  • windows xp upgrades Dec 2013
    windows xp is finally done. must upgrade all those older pc's to windows 7

  • configure wi-fi hotspot at harbor house herrick rd Nov 2013
    created a wi-fi hotspot for harbor house at their herrick rd facility. now folks can workout and have internet access 

  • new office in ellsworth coming Oct 2013
    a 100 year old home is being renovated to be the ellsworth branch office. offices, a tech room and a 12x25 training room will soon be here 

  • dropbox for teams to move massive amount of files for law firm Sept 2013
    ca lawyer left his firm after many years - all those files need to go with him. since all the data was already on dropbox - we simply shared his folder with the IT dept at the new firm and all his data was accessible there 

  • install security cameras at testa's Aug 2013
    being able to remotely see in your business and record it - becoming more and more important. allows owners and managers to make sure customers are satisfied and safe. and of course it records all the comings and goings through all doors... 

  • replace old wi-fi hotspots at side street cafe & tea house 278 Aug 2013
    cthe old wi-fi hotspots in 2 different bar harbor restaurants used repeaters and didn't work very well. we replaced them with a gateway and hard wired industrial antennas for a much better user experience 

  • new dell pc's for clients July 2013
    compusult is an official dell reseller. july saw it's share of clents wanting shiny new dell's 

  • compusult providing IT support for coplon associate July 2013
    landscape architects have lots and lots of data. we use dropbox for teams to store their files offsite and to allow sharing of massive files easily - just send a link to the file in the cloud 

  • cell phone amplifier at JW Boat June 2013
    john williams boat company is hosting the ny city yacht club for a weekend. cell coverage is notoriously horrible on sommes sound, so we installed a wilson amplifier for the yachts moored - everyone stayed connected! 

  • improve wi-fi hotspot at moorings inn June 2013
    added a 2nd antenna to the wi-fi hotspot at the moorings in to improve coverage in the 2nd building 

  • install aldelo pos at finn's irish pub June 2013
    installed a 3 terminal pos system at finn's irish pub in ellsworth. this allows them to enter orders much faster and with greater accuracy. what a fun group of folks at finn's!!! 

  • install a video display at YMCA May 2013
    installed a video display terminal for the bar harbor ymca to allow them to show a slideshow and post important messages in the lobby 

  • configure wi-fi hotspot at harbor house - May 2013
    created a wi-fi hotspot for harbor house & the southwest harbor chamber of commerce 

  • add 4th aldelo terminal to side street - May 2013
    side street cafe in bar harbor has expanded and added a deck and enclosed the side porch - obviously they want to provide fast service to their hungry guests, so they added a 4th terminal to their aldelo pos system

  • CD & DVD Recycle - Mar 2013

    1,070 cd's & dvd's stand about 54" tall - heading to the recycle center in salem, NH

  • Happy Pi Day - 3/14

  • Clio Practice Management - Mar 2013
    a cloud based suite of tools to manage a law firm - track client cases and billing and time chits

  • Recycle Day - Mar 2013
    thanks to sawyers specialties for recycling some old electronics (plus I cleaned out the shed)
         7 PC's
         2 laptops
         2  displays
         1 scanner
         1 printer
         3 mice
         3 keyboards
         2 sticks of RAM

  • Wi-Fi Hotspot in Y Pool - Jan 2013
    parents no longer need to hang out in the hallway near the front desk to get a wireless signal... 

  • Another Quick Recycle Day - Nov 2012
    2nd Saturday of Every Month

        5 routers
         1 lcd display
         2 wi-fi antennas
         1 computer
         1 stick of ram
         cables & power supplies

  • Compusult Providing IT Support for YMCA in Bar Harbor - Nov 2012
    one of the first items on the upgrade list - install a public wi-fi hotspot in the pool area (for those folks not swimming of course!) now parents can check email and facebook while their kids are having a blast in the pool! 

  • 47 Ink Cartridges for Pemetic School - Nov 2012
    john williams boat company is doing their part to save the environment & help pemetic school - they have been saving their used printer ink cartridges and called compusult to pick them up for delivery to pemetic! that makes the grand total 81 ink cartridges to pemetic

  • Lobsters On the Sound - Aug 2012
    giving back to the community is so very important. compusult is proud to donate $500 to harbor house community center in southwest harbor. the programs are for everyone of all ages, but the ones for kids are especially wonderful - thanks for doing a great job harbor house!!!

  • Another Aldelo POS System install - Jul 2012
    reel pizza in bar harbor has decided to install an aldelo point of sale (POS) system. orders will be placed on the two terminals at the counter, via the website or even on your smartphone! the big challenge here was to incorporate their "bingo board" method of informing you when your pizza is ready (they can't call your number when the movie is playing!) Mmm - pizza and beer while watching a movie...

  • Cell Coverage Where None Exists? - Jun 2012
    a new estate is being built in seal harbor and the owners would like cell coverage where their iPhone shows "no signal"... what to do?  wilson repeaters will distribute the signal throughout the 6,000 sqft footprint, 2 story mansion for 4-5 bar coverage

  • Improve Weak Cell Phone Coverage - Jun 2012
    seal harbor & northeast harbor don't have very good cell phone coverage because the nearest cell tower is 13 miles away on swan's island!

    if you stand in the window of the 3rd floor at one end of this estate in seal harbor - you get 1 bar of cell phone signal strength. add a wilson antenna to boost that cell tower's signal and then distribute it throughout the 4,000 sqft footprint, 3 story estate to get 4-5 bars everywhere

    cell tower locations for mdi

  • Electronic Recycle Day - Jun 2012
    Proud to Recycle!!!
    Compusult collected customers' old electronics recycled them at the SWH Transfer Station universal waste day.

         16 used inkjet/toner cartridges to Pemetic 
         2 CRT monitors 
         1 copier 
         1 keyboard 
         1 scanner 
         1 fax 
         1 DVD player 
         22 RAM sticks 
         48 batteries

    Recycle Day items

  • Expand POS with 3rd Station - May 2012
    side street cafe is expanding with their new deck. wait staff have to get orders entered into the point of sale (POS) system as fast as possible. a 3rd station was added to accomodate the new growth

  • Eggs & Issues Mini Tech Boot Camp - Apr 2012
    partnered with breaking even communications to teach a quick boot camp for the bar harbor chamber. topics ranged from what is the cloud to optimizing your pc to 'your customers have smartphones - period' to facebook & social media and more... and to top it off - a kindle fire was raffled off!

    tech boot camp training session

  • Backup Data Offsite with Carbonite - Apr 2012
    been switching everyone over to carbonite.com for their offsite backup of data

  • Replace Server with NAS - Apr 2012
    with their email on Google Apps, why spend a ton of money replacing a failing server? instead, install a network attached storage (NAS) device. it acts as a large file server on your network for only $350

  • Webcam's for MDI Historical Society - Mar 2012
    installed webcam so folks can keep an eye on this (locally) famous sight...

    webcam installation

  • Replace PC's - Feb 2012
    seems like lots of folks were interested in upgrading their 5+ yr old pc's this winter...

  • Robotics Club Mentoring - Mondays in Winter 2012
    kids are our future, and the more exposure to technology and science they have the better!

    mentored a group of middle school kids in Bonnie Burne's class at Pemetic Elementary School. the boys made robots with the LEGO NXT system and competed in an island-wide competition. the robots could either climb a steep slope, run a steeplchase course, clear cans from a table, launch ping pong balls into a box or be the fastest

  • CRM Software to Track Conversations with Customers - Jan 2012
    customer relationship management (CRM) is all about managing the relationships you have with your customers 

    whether you are a politician discussing agenda items with constituents, a non-profit soliciting donations or a service department tracking customers, a CRM package will help. It is a database of people where you can easily track conversations you've had or service done on their boat...

  • Move Customers to New Offices - Jan 2012
    the partners in a law firm went their separate ways - a new NAS for each of them. move the pc's and setup new networks

  • Initial PC Cleanup for Bowden Marine - Dec 2011
    a new office PC and cleanup 3 computers in the office that were running so slow - purge temp files and defrag. network the PC's so all have access to QuickBooks

  • Bad Guys have made a quantum leap again... - Oct 2011
    the last 3 weeks of Oct have been filled with virus removals - mostly from computers that do not have AVG as their anti-virus protection. Currently switching all of those to AVG. Also recommending image level backups in case of nasty infection
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS) Installed for Law Firm – September 2011
    1 TB of RAID 1 storage added for archiving old case files
  • More Gmail for "Your Domain" – July & August 2011
    now over 70 users have converted! The Gmail interface is more powerful than Outlook - it's like e-mail 2.0
  • Install Wi-Fi hotspot at Fiddlers' Green Restaurant – June 2011

  • Update Websites for Sips and Fiddlers' So They Can Edit On Their Own – June 2011
    also created a new mobile version of Fiddlers' website and set up a QR code for both

    QR code

  • Install Wi-Fi Hotspot at Bar Harbor Chamber - May 2011
    many visitors to MDI stop into the Chamber, and of course many people expect a Wi-Fi signal. This hotspot covers the entire building as well as the 2 parking lots on either side
  • Gmail for your domain - May 2011
    convert (2) lawyer's office's and an HVAC company's email (about 30 users total) from Exchange on their servers to Google Apps - Gmail. Their email address stay the same - now they login to Gmail to get their email, calendar, contacts and tasks - and now all employees can sync to their iPhones or Droids!
  • Help Bar Harbor Chamber be more Efficient with Mailings from Website - May 2011
    The Chamber mail about 20,000 catalogs from their Trenton office. Any increase in effeciency can make a big impact. Work with their website designers in Portland and make a few adjustments in the office - hopefully loads of time (=money) can be saved this year...
  • Loads of Virus Removals - Apr & May 2011
    The bad guys have really increased their efforts and have gotten pretty creative - they really are amazing at what they do. That, of course, is unfortunate for us...  
  • Electronics Reuse - May 2011
    still proud to Recycle!!!
    dropped off (2) PC's and a laptop to a computer store in Ellsworth - they rip them apart for spare parts - reuse as much as they can - recycle the rest
  • Optimize Inefficient Billing System for Lawyers - Apr 2011
    Evaluate the current inefficient billing system consisting of a typewriter, notebooks and (2) software packages that forced them to enter the same thing 2-3 times every time and propose a new single entry system with QuickBooks.

    Write a check for a reimbersible fee, it will show up as an unbilled expense for that client - easily add it to an invoice. Lawyer's charge by the hour - now instead of writing their time log on paper and having an assistant type it into a separate time program, they enter it directly online and it syncs to QB
  • Install Wi-Fi at Hodgdon Pond Cabins - Apr 2011
    Setup Wi-Fi Hotspot at a compound of (4) beautiful rental cottages for Margo Stanley Real Estate. What a fantastic location!!! So quiet!
  • Recommend Google AdWords to the Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce - Mar 2011
    Targeted marketing and pay-per-click is far better than banner ads and pay-per-impression. Google is an expert at presenting your ad to the correct audience, which improves the quality of your visitors - they stay longer and look at more pages
  • Install Wi-Fi in Lawyer's office - Mar 2011
    allow laptops and Droids to access Wi-Fi throughout the office
  • Replace (5) older PC's and add a Super SPAM Filter - Feb 2011
    Newer programs are getting bigger and require faster hardware. The lifespan of a good business computer is about 5 yrs. These PC's were ready to be replaced. They now have Windows 7

    And of course SPAM is always such a problem. There are third party companies that specialize in SPAM filtering. Your mail gets routed to their filters first, then sent to you. The obvious SPAM is deleted and the questionable ones are quarrantined - you get a daily email and can release any false positives
  • Take Over IT support for Harbor House in Southwest Harbor - Jan 2011
    A Small Business Server (SBS) and 8 computer's need lots of TLC. Also help install an ID card swipe system for after hours access to the new facility
  • Electronic Recycle Day - Jan 2011
    Proud to Recycle!!!
    Compusult offered to pickup customers' old electronics and paid to have them recycled at the SWH Transfer Station. Thanks to Acadia Cottages for the use of their trailer!!!

         10 used printer cartridges to Pemetic 
         7 PC's 
         3 CRT monitors 
         4 Printers 
         1 laptop 
         1 scanner 
         1 copier
         modems, speakers 

    load for recycled electronics
    trailer load for recycle day

  • Install Wi-Fi Hotspot for Sip's and Sawyer's Specialties in Southwest Harbor - Dec 2010
    Use your iPhone to check reviews of your favorite wine and cheese - then pop down to Sip's and update your Facebook page to let your friends know about the fantastic meal you just had!
  • More Recycle/ReUse News - Dec 2010
    We have found a store in Ellsworth that uses old PC's and laptops for parts!
    Donated so far:
        3 PC's
        1 Laptop
        1 CRT
  • Start IT support at MDI Historical Society in Mount Desert - Nov 2010
    The new Director is forward thinking and wanted to update the technology in the office. A public Wi-Fi hotspot, upgrades to the Museum's catalog software, replace the old phone system, online backup and clean out the office computers for better daily performance and security 
    *Also installed a 3G micro cell so staff could have  cell phone coverage!
  • Replace Server and PC's at John Williams Boat Company in Mount Desert - Oct 2010
    A new Small Business Server is the core of their network infrastructure - allowing the use of Remote Web Workplace - remote control of their desktop computer and email access from anywhere using Outlook Web Access. Work from home on a snow day or from Hawaii...

  • Install Wi-Fi Hotspot at the Asticou Inn - Northeast Harbor - June 2010
    The Asticou Inn is 4 stories high (plus a basement) and has 3 out buildings on one end and 3 houses across the street at the other end. There is also a tennis court and pool - all now have Wi-Fi coverage

  • Install a POS system for Fiddlers' Green Restaurant in Southwest Harbor - May 2010
    Imagine being a waitress/waiter serving a party of 8. The bill comes and they decide they want separate checks... now it's easy for the staff at Fiddlers' with their new Point of Sale System. 
    Wait Staff enter orders on one of 3 computers and the printers at the bar, the kitchen line and the salad bar all print out immediately. 
    Automating a manual system has many benefits that will help your business run more efficiently, which of course will add to your bottom line profit!

  • Install Wi-Fi Hotspot at Hutchins Cottages in Southwest Harbor - March 2010
    Hutchins Cottages has 6 cabins, each hidden from the others by trees and lots of foliage, and they all now enjoy great Wi-Fi coverage

    install wi-fi antenna in tree for hotspot

  • The Tid Bits & Bytes Blog - Feb 2010
    An blog is a web log - sort of a diary. here you will find ideas related to technology

  • Electronic Recycle Day - Nov 2009
    Proud to Recycle!!!
    Compusult offered to pickup customers' old electronics and paid to have them recycled at the SWH Transfer Station 

         8 used printer cartridges to Pemetic 
         2 PC's 
         7 CRT monitors 
         3 Printers 
         1 Typewriter 
         2 TV's 
         3 keyboards 
         2 mice 
  • Install Wi-Fi Hotspot at Acadia Cottages - Aug 2009
    Acadia Cottages has 11 rental cottages nestled in a wooded setting - they needed wireless signals for their customers. An outdoor omni-directional antenna was mounted in the center of the cottages and now all  enjoy highspeed internet!
  • Big move to Southwest Harbor, ME - Aug 2009
    We have joined the community in Southwest Harbor. New office located in Manset on Seawall Rd
  • Compusult hits 10 year milestone! 
    Compusult was incorporated in 1999. Ten years of helping Small Business with their computer support

Lulu the Computer Chick